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Caplor House Programme

Caplor Horizons has its own model for learning, the Caplor House. This is an organizational effectiveness and leadership model that inspires and enables learning. It also provides a language for learning. The Caplor House model is supported by a neuroscience based tool called Human Horizons.

The metaphor of the house or the home is universal. A place to live is aspirational but it is also a fundamental human right. A home provides shelter, safety and a sense of belonging. At Caplor Horizons we have used this powerful metaphor to present our approach to inspiring and enabling leaders to deliver a sustainable future. We have created the Caplor House, representing all the aspects of the work of Caplor Horizons and bringing them together in a single, powerful model.

The Caplor House was created by Ann Alder and Dr Geoff Cox. It was further developed within Caplor Horizons by many people. The Caplor House draws from a number of research themes, academic paradigms and influential thinkers, including Charles Handy who has been an active supporter since Caplor Horizons was established.

Furthermore we have developed a flagship Caplor House Programme. The programme comprises three modules:

Module One focuses on individual development - developing personal capacity to lead and influence change.
Module Two focuses on team development - understanding how effective teamwork contributes to sustainable and successful organisations.
Module Three focuses on organisational development - exploring leadership, strategy, influence and impact.

The programme will offer a chance to build personal confidence, raise awareness of individual potential within ourselves and within others and advocate ways to enable strong and empowering relationships.

It will challenge people to learn differently, think differently, and act differently.

Contact Lorna, Ian or Rosie at Caplor Horizons if you would like to learn more.

Click here to see the flyer for the programme.


Human Horizons

Have you ever wondered why connecting with some people is so much easier than it is with others?

Do you relate better to people who get straight to the point and focus on results? Or is it easier for you to connect to people that focus on building relationships & energise the people around them? Or maybe you would prefer it if the people you work with focus on facts and details.

We are all different and the Human Horizons tool will help you understand why. It will give you an insight in your own preferences and priorities as well as the preferences and priorities of the people around you.

Virtually all diagnostic tools available currently are based on psychological principles. These do not capture the important breakthroughs in our understanding of human behaviour offered by neuroscience. Whilst many psychological assumptions remain valid, others are not.

For a further understanding of this please read The Neuro Edge – people insights for leaders and practitioners by Clive Hyland.

The Human Horizons tool compliments the Caplor House leadership and organisational effectiveness model, deepening and extending the learning through the application of insights gained from neuroscience.

Human Horizons was devised by Clive Hyland, as part of a three way collaboration between his business, Make Sense Ltd, Haygrove, a leading international horticultural business, and Caplor Horizons.

If you are interested to use the Human Horizons tool, and take the assessment, you will need to contact Lorna, Ian or Rosie at Caplor Horizons. A username and password is required when you click through to the following link.